Atex Series Explosion
Proof Cooling Units

Onshore & offshore oil platforms, refineries, nuclear centrals and similar power plants require the highest level of safety. For such applications, flame tightness is a must, and all the materials require ex-proof ones. Therefore, all ATEX products are certified according to the serial numbers and classifications specified in the project phase. All tests are performed, and third-party organizations obtain certificate approvals. Customers communicate the following ATEX classification to provide the most accurate product:

II 2 G Ex de IIC T3 Gb

2: Zone 1 and Zone 2

II: Other explosive areas

G: Gas ​

Ex: the European standard ​

d: Flame-proof chassis | e: Increased safety​

IIC: Explosion Group​​

T3: Surface temperature max 200 ° C​

Gb: Component security level (EPL)​

ATEX classified products area Zone1 and Zone2, surface temperatures T1, T2, T3, T4 and explosive groups IIA, IIB, and IIC, produced with certification. Electrical heater or Heat Pump options are available. APU filtration systems can be integrated to capture harmful gases.

HSC Series ATEX Industrial  Chillers
top-level safety at your service

IAC & VKS Series Industrial Air Conditioners
top-level safety at your service

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