IAC Series
Industrial Air Conditioners

Solutions without limits. IAC Series Industrial Air Conditioners are widely used in industrial plants such as electrical and automation rooms, equipment rooms, pulpits-control rooms and cabinets, curing rooms, transformer rooms, laboratories, data processing centers, battery rooms, containers, shelters and various other industrial applications including maritime. These units can be used in steel and metallurgy, mining, cement, oil&gas, machinery, energy, marine and defense industries.

ISW Water Cooled
Type Split Units

Split the cooling solutions for severe conditions. ISW Water Cooled Type Split units are designed for areas with no infrastructure for a cooling solution. Split units consist of two parts: indoor and outdoor, so these two parts are not affected by the environmental conditions of each other. Thus the solution is optimized by necessary updates against harsh environmental conditions such as dust, humidity, corrosive and high ambient temperatures. The refrigerants are fully compliant with environmental restrictions. Compressor and refrigerant type usages bring trouble-free operation with high cooling water temperatures. Four (4) different indoor units are applicable to be connected to the outdoor units, and the quantities of connected units would vary to keep homogenized air balance in the cooled rooms. Each indoor unit brings an advantage depending on your project: ceiling type, wall type, duct type or without, slim type, and interchangeable wall/ceiling type. Two (2) fully independent refrigeration circuits are located in one body with components such as compressor, condenser coils, and auxiliary parts; thus, it takes less space and keeps redundancy. Auto switchover function is available as an option, making equal aging possible with the sequential operation.

ISW Water Cooled Split Type
Engineered to operate in severe environmental conditions​​

Besides, in case one of the circuits fails, it switches to the other for continuous operation. Do you have different environmental conditions between indoor and outdoor environments? Don’t you evaluate infrastructure for your existing areas for cooling systems? Were you never considered at the beginning? Well, this is the solution for perfect optimizations for your projects.

Air flow range

3 kW – 129kW Cooling range

Corrosion resistant

Corrosion resistant durable against corrosion

Dust resistant

Dust resistant durable against dust

Vibration resistant

Vibration resistant durable design against vibration

E-Room Applications

ISW Split Type:
Indoor Units

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