VKS Series
Crane Cab Coolers

Strong solutions for your cranes in heavy industries. VKS Series Crane Cabin Coolers are perfectly efficient, reliable and long-lasting units engineered to operate in harsh environments. VKS Series units are engineered to fit the highest quality industry requirements and customer needs depending on the working conditions. These units can be used in steel, metallurgy, cement, oil&gas, mining & port industries.

VP Package/Monoblock Type Units

VP Package/Monoblock Type units are designed for heavy-duty operations in harsh environmental conditions such as process cranes in metallurgy, oil & gas, cement, mining and port industries. This product’s main features and advantages are a wide range of models with an all-in-one design, a perfect optimizing solution with variable airflow directions, and ease of maintenance. In addition, the cooling, fan only, and heating function modes are available while the filtering is always operating.

VP Package/Mono block Type Units​
Crane Cab Coolers for Heavy Industries​

Air flow range

2.5 kW– 28 kW
Cooling range

Temperature range

+95ºC Upper limit ambient temperature for operation

Tailor made solutions

Tailor made solutions designed and produced according to your needs

Dust resistant

Dust resistant durable against dust

Corrosion resistant

Corrosion resistant durable against corrosion

Vibration resistant

Vibration resistant durable design against vibration

Crane Cab and
E-Room Applications

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