Air Pressurization and Filtration Units

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution to address the challenges posed by your industrial plant’s harmful gases and chemicals, corrosive substances, and dust? Our Air Pressurization and Filtration Units are specifically designed to meet industrial environments’ stringent air quality requirements. Customizable to meet your projects’ unique needs and specifications, our Air Pressurization and Filtration Units provide a reliable defense against residual dust, harmful gases, and odors. With a strong focus on human health and equipment protection, these units offer unmatched performance in critical environments. The Air Pressurization and Filtration Units excel in air filtration, starting from the EU4 class and extending to the U17 class, depending on your specific requirements. We offer two options for air pressurization: a differential pressure switch and electronically controlled fans with differential pressure sensors. This ensures efficient and precise control over air pressure regulation. Acutus takes corrosion elimination seriously. Our units feature body structural material changes and employ chemical media filtering with Carbon and Oxidant filters, providing robust protection against corrosive elements. In addition, our team of Engineers has developed an optimized chemical filter mixture, enabling the simultaneous absorption of multiple chemicals and determining the ideal filter changing frequency. With one of the broadest operating temperature ranges available in the market (-40°C to +95°C), our units are built to withstand extreme conditions, guaranteeing reliable performance in any environment. Are you seeking to filter hazardous gases prevalent on your premises? Do your workers require a fresh air supply in their designated areas? Are you concerned about dust and corrosion risks in your environment? Try our Air Pressurization and Filtration Units! Experience unparalleled air quality and safety with our advanced solutions. Let our Air Pressurization and Filtration Units be your absolute answer to air quality challenges. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative products and how they can transform your industrial plant into a safer and healthier space.

Introducing our Air Pressurization and Filtration Units: Ensuring Air Quality and Safety in Industrial Plants. Keep the air clean for your safety.

Air flow range

50 m³/h – 6.400 m³/h Air flow range

Temperature range

-40ºC – +95ºC Environmental temperature range for operation

Air flow variation

Air flow variation with fixed or variable speed fan

Tailor made solutions

Tailor made solutions designed and produced according to your needs

Dust resistant

Dust resistant durable against dust

Corrosion resistant

Corrosion resistant durable against corrosion

E-Room Applications

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