Self-Contained Units: Water-Cooled Rooftop

Introducing our Self-Contained Units: Water-Cooled Rooftop for Superior Air Handling. Designed with an all-in-one design, Self-Contained Units: Water-Cooled Rooftop excels in harsh outdoor environments, combining versatility, efficiency, and robustness. These units perfectly suit diverse industries, including steel, metallurgy, mining, cement, oil & gas, machinery, energy, marine, and defense. Operating with environmentally friendly refrigerants Self-Contained Units: Water-Cooled Rooftop prioritizes sustainability while delivering exceptional performance. Air distribution and return are efficiently managed through air ducting, providing an ideal cooling solution for complex areas. With various compressor and refrigerant options, these units ensure trouble-free operation even with high cooling water temperatures. Flexible heating options such as electrical heaters, steam, hot water, and thermal oil resources are available to meet your specific requirements. Enhance energy efficiency with options like a waterside economizer and free cooling utilizing fresh air. This optimizes the cooling units, ensuring efficient operation day and night all year round. For the highest air quality conditions, Self-Contained Units: Water-Cooled Rooftop are equipped to meet your needs, offering filtration options such as G4, F5, F7, F9, HEPA classes, and chemical media filtration. Experience the perfect reliability, efficiency, and air quality combination with Self-Contained Units: Water-Cooled Rooftop.

Self-Contained Units: Water-Cooled Rooftop
Engineered to operate in severe environmental conditions

Air flow range

5 kW – 192kW Cooling range

Dust resistant

Dust resistant durable against dust

Corrosion resistant

Corrosion resistant durable against corrosion

Vibration resistant

Vibration resistant durable design against vibration

E-Room Applications

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