Control Systems



Enhance the performance and efficiency of your HVAC and refrigeration units with Acutus' advanced control systems. Our expertise lies in providing tailored solutions for various applications, including DX plants, water chillers, and heat pumps. If your existing unit is facing challenges due to outdated PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) or HMI (Human Machine Interface) displays, Acutus has the perfect solution for you. Our comprehensive services encompass both hardware and software upgrades, ensuring seamless integration and improved functionality. In some cases, we can even migrate software from the old system to new hardware, offering a cost-effective solution while minimizing disruptions. Trust Acutus to deliver innovative control systems that optimize the performance and reliability of your HVAC and refrigeration equipment.

Control System and SCADA
Control System and SCADA


At Acutus, we go beyond PLC and HMI solutions by offering cutting-edge SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. Our SCADA solutions provide a comprehensive and centralized control platform, enabling you to monitor, control, and optimize your industrial processes with ease. We offer a range of options, including OPC UA (Unified Architecture) and alarm servers, ensuring seamless integration into your existing equipment. Our expertise gives you access to enhanced information and data visualization, improved system reliability, and advanced maintenance capabilities. Discover how Acutus' advanced SCADA systems can revolutionize your operations, enabling you to achieve optimal efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

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