Self-Contained Units: Water-Cooled

Upgrade your cooling system with our Self-Contained Units: Water-Cooled, and unlock a new level of efficiency and reliability. Designed for easy application and maintenance, these units feature a durable modular design and compact size, making them a convenient choice for any cooling solution. In addition, their robust and attractive cabinets are built to withstand challenging working environments, including dust and corrosive conditions. Operating with environmentally friendly refrigerants, our Self-Contained Units: Water-Cooled , are specifically engineered to meet the cooling needs of industries such as steel and metallurgy, mining, cement, oil & gas, machinery, energy, marine, and defense. Whether you’re dealing with high cooling water temperatures or demanding operating conditions, our units ensure trouble-free operation thanks to their flexible compressor and refrigerant-type options. But our units don’t stop at cooling. Experience the versatility of our Self-Contained Units: Water-Cooled with exceptional heating capabilities. From electrical heaters to steam, hot water, and thermal oil resources, we provide a range of options to meet your specific requirements. To further optimize energy efficiency, our units offer the possibility of a waterside economizer. This feature ensures efficient cooling day and night throughout the year, maximizing your system’s performance while reducing energy consumption. Upgrade your cooling system today with our Self-Contained Units: Water-Cooled, and benefit from their outstanding performance, reliability, and environmental sustainability. Experience the difference of a cutting-edge cooling solution designed to exceed your expectations.

Self-Contained Units: Water-Cooled
Engineered to operate in severe environmental conditions

Air flow range

5 kW – 106kW Cooling range

Dust resistant

Dust resistant durable against dust

Corrosion resistant

Corrosion resistant durable against corrosion

Vibration resistant

Vibration resistant durable design against vibration

E-Room Applications

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