Spare Parts

Partner with Acutus for all your spare parts needs in the HVAC and refrigeration industry. Our vast inventory, strong collaborations, and expertise in installations make us the ideal choice. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and experience our reliable service and high-quality spare parts.


Acutus Goal

As your preferred spare parts supplier, Acutus is committed to promptly delivering the correct parts. We understand the importance of minimizing downtime, and our extensive inventory allows us to fulfill almost all demands for HVAC and Refrigeration spares. Whether you require spare parts for Bitzer, GEA Bock, Refcomp, Carrier, or other compressor brands, we have you covered.


Acutus Cooperates

We have established partnerships with several of Europe's largest suppliers of industrial and commercial refrigeration manufacturers. This collaboration ensures our clients have excellent access to the right parts for their specific needs. In addition, we offer flexible delivery options, including delivering parts to your local forwarder for consolidated freight or arranging direct courier transport to vessels worldwide.

At Acutus, we provide a full range of parts and installations to meet your HVAC and refrigeration requirements described below

Filters: We offer high-quality inlet and outlet louvers and filters to enhance the performance and efficiency of your systems.

Recovery Wheel Replacement: Our expertise extends to handling various refrigerants such as HFC, NH3, and CO2. We can assist with recovery wheel replacement to optimize system functionality.

Cooling and Heating Coil: Count on us for expert installation and replacement of cooling and heating coils, ensuring optimal heat transfer and temperature control.

Fire and Regulation Damper: We specialize in installing and replacing fire and regulation dampers, promoting safety and compliance with regulations.

Fan-Coil: Our services encompass the delivery, installation, replacement, and ongoing service of fan-coil units, providing effective climate control for various applications.

Cabin Unit: Acutus offers the delivery, installation, replacement, and service of cabin units, ensuring comfortable and efficient air conditioning in cabins and enclosed spaces.

Air Handling Unit: Rely on our expertise in delivering, installing, replacing, and servicing air handling units, optimizing air circulation and filtration in your HVAC system.

Self-contained Unit: We provide comprehensive solutions for self-contained units, including delivery, installation, replacement, and ongoing service to ensure reliable and efficient operation.

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