Solutions Without Limits: Self-Contained Units for Versatile Industrial Applications

Acutus offers self-contained units for air conditioning that provide reliable and efficient solutions for various industrial applications. Our self-contained units for air conditioning are designed to meet the unique requirements of industrial plants, including electrical and automation rooms, equipment rooms, pulpits-control rooms and cabinets, curing rooms, transformer rooms, laboratories, data processing centers, battery rooms, containers, shelters, and more. These versatile units are also well-suited for various industries, such as steel and metallurgy, mining, cement, oil & gas, machinery, energy, marine, and defense. Experience the freedom of solutions without limits with Acutus’ self-contained units. From industrial plants to maritime applications, our units provide reliable climate control, ensuring optimal performance and protection for critical processes and equipment. Contact us today to discuss your needs and discover how Acutus can deliver tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements—Trust Acutus for exceptional performance, versatility, and reliability in self-contained units.

Industrial Application Versatility

Our self-contained units are widely used in industrial plants across diverse sectors. From electrical and automation rooms to equipment rooms and pulpit-control rooms, our units provide optimal climate control and protection for sensitive equipment and machinery. They are also suitable for specialized environments like curing rooms, transformer rooms, laboratories, and data processing centers, ensuring stable operating conditions and preserving the integrity of critical processes.

Maritime Applications

In addition to their versatility in industrial settings, our self-contained units are ideal for maritime applications. Whether it’s onboard ships, offshore platforms, or other marine environments, our units deliver reliable climate control, ensuring the comfort and safety of crew members and the integrity of onboard equipment. With their robust construction and advanced features, our self-contained units are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of the marine industry.

Wide Industry Adoption

Acutus self-contained units have gained wide acceptance across various industries due to their exceptional performance and reliability. Our units provide efficient cooling and ventilation solutions for temperature-sensitive processes in steel and metallurgy. In mining operations, they ensure an optimal working environment for equipment and personnel. Cement plants rely on our units to maintain precise temperature and humidity levels for critical production processes. The oil & gas industry benefits from our units’ ability to withstand harsh environments and deliver consistent performance. Machinery manufacturers and energy companies trust our self-contained units for their precise climate control capabilities. Moreover, our units are well-suited for marine applications in the defense industry, providing reliable and efficient solutions for naval vessels and offshore defense platforms.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

At Acutus, we understand that every industrial application is unique. That’s why we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our team of experts will work closely with you to assess your needs and provide customized self-contained units that deliver optimal performance and efficiency. In addition, we prioritize quality and reliability in our products, sourcing components from trusted manufacturers and conducting rigorous quality checks to ensure superior craftsmanship.

Self Contained Units Air Cooled

Self-Contained Units:

Self Contained Units Water Cooled

Self-Contained Units:

Self Contained Units Heavy-Duty Outdoor

Self-Contained Units:
Heavy-Duty Outdoor

Self Contained Units Air Cooled Split

Self-Contained Units:
Air-Cooled Split

Self Contained Units Water Cooled Split

Self-Contained Units:
Water-Cooled Split

Self Contained Units Air-Cooled Rooftop

Self-Contained Units:
Air-Cooled Rooftop

Self Contained Units Water-Cooled Rooftop

Self-Contained Units:
Water-Cooled Rooftop

Self Contained Units Marine

Self-Contained Units:

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