Acutus: Global Process and Service Experts
for HVAC, Refrigeration, and More

At Acutus, we take pride in providing fast and reliable services to clients worldwide. With our dedicated team of technicians, we offer on-demand support and solutions that can be deployed at short notice. In addition, we have established partnerships with highly skilled service providers in various countries, ensuring efficient service delivery on behalf of Acutus. Our commitment to minimizing downtime is reflected in our expedited shipping of spares and equipment, ensuring uninterrupted operations for our valued clients. At Acutus, we follow a comprehensive service process to ensure a streamlined process for hassle-free maintenance and that all your needs are met effectively and efficiently:


Site Inspection

Our experienced technicians conduct thorough inspections, taking precise measurements and documenting all relevant information. This enables us to understand your requirements and devise tailored solutions comprehensively.


Pricing and Planning

Based on the site inspection, we provide a detailed quotation with a specified parts list and estimated cost for the required work. This transparent approach lets you make informed decisions and plan your budget accordingly.


Visit and Service

Once the pricing and planning phase is complete, our skilled technicians perform the necessary service or commissioning tasks per your order. Their expertise and attention to detail ensure the work is executed to the highest standards.


Project Completion

At the end of the project, we provide you with a detailed service report encompassing all the work done and relevant findings. This report is a comprehensive record and valuable reference for future maintenance and monitoring.


Expert HVAC Services for Optimal Climate Control

With a team of specialized technicians, Acutus offers top-notch HVAC services tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our technicians have extensive experience servicing HVAC systems, notably ventilation, and water systems. Equipped with the latest measuring equipment, we ensure accurate diagnostics, efficient servicing, and comprehensive documentation. This meticulous approach guarantees optimal climate control and enhanced facility energy efficiency.


Software Solutions Tailored to Your Control System Needs and Information Management

Acutus boasts highly skilled software engineers who excel in troubleshooting and correcting software-related issues. With their extensive experience in software development for refrigeration and HVAC systems, they offer tailored solutions to optimize the control, efficiency, and information management of your systems. Our prompt response and dedicated support ensure that your software-related concerns are addressed swiftly and effectively. Additionally, we provide emergency call support to minimize disruptions to your operations.


Reliable Refrigeration Services for Optimal Cooling Performance

When it comes to refrigeration systems, Acutus is your trusted partner. Our service engineers are well-versed in servicing various refrigeration systems, possessing the necessary certifications to work with synthetic and natural refrigerants. With extensive experience in medium-sized and large plants, they bring in-depth expertise to deliver reliable service and maintenance. You can count on Acutus to optimize your refrigeration systems' performance, ensuring your products' integrity and longevity.


Comprehensive Mechanical Support for Seamless Operations

Acutus offers a team of dedicated mechanics and technicians who specialize in servicing refrigeration and HVAC systems. Equipped with the necessary tools and expertise, our technicians ensure efficient servicing, repairs, and maintenance. Through our trusted partners, we can also provide additional support, including welders and plumbers, for more complex requirements. Furthermore, we offer assembly and disassembly services for entire plants, streamlining your operations and minimizing disruptions. Finally, our emergency call support is available to all our clients, providing peace of mind during critical situations.


Precise Instrument Solutions for Accurate Monitoring

At Acutus, we provide highly qualified technicians who excel in troubleshooting and correcting sensor errors. We ensure easy access to spare parts and components through collaboration with our worldwide suppliers. Our technicians leverage their expertise to identify and rectify any sensor-related issues quickly, ensuring accurate monitoring and control of your systems. We understand the criticality of precise instrument solutions and are dedicated to providing prompt and reliable support to all our clients, including emergency call services.


Automation Solutions for Enhanced Electrical Control

Acutus offers experienced technicians specializing in automation services, including service, conversion, and new electrical cabinets. Our certified technicians undergo regular training and obtain the necessary qualifications to comply with regulations and maintain competence. Equipped with the latest measuring tools and equipment, they deliver precise results and provide comprehensive documentation. Additionally, we offer energy measurements, thermography, mega testing, emergency call support, and more, ensuring that your electrical control systems operate at peak performance.

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