HVAC and
Refrigeration Products

Tailor made solutions for marine and industrial HVAC and refrigeration products. Our products are designed to provide efficient and reliable cooling and heating solutions for various applications. These products are available in various sizes and configurations to meet the specific needs of any need.

Exclusive Engineering

We offer tailor made solutions
for our customers

Certified Quality

We guarantee constant
quality of our units

Global Recognition

Our products are used in over 13
industries all over the world

VP Package/Mono block Type Units​

VKS Series

Crane cab coolers
for heavy industries

IHDO Heavy Duty Outdoor Units​

IAC Series

Industrial type air conditioners for heavy industry applications

TKS Series Cooling Units​

TKS Series

Temperature and
humidity control product

Atex Series Explosion Proof Cooling Units​

ATEX Series

Explosion proof cooling units for the highest level of safety

MAC Series HVAC and refrigeration units

MAC Series

Mobile cooling

PO Heavy Duty Outdoor Panel Coolers​​​

PKS Series

Panel cooling systems
for E-panels

APU Series HVAC and refrigeration units

APU Series

Filtering products
for harsh industrial environments

HSC Series HVAC and refrigeration units

HSC Series

Water cooling
industrial chillers

DWE Series Drain Water Evaporator​

DWE Series

Drain water

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